Nutritional counselling

family-meal-preparationI offer online nutrition check-ups for clients who want to know how good there diet is and require personalized advice on how to improve it further.

How it works

  1. Email requesting the nutrition check-up.
  2. After a £5 deposit is received, a nutrition questionnaire will be sent out for you to fill in.
  3. I will assess the quality of your diet and send you a dietary report (after which, full payment will be required). It will include:
    • a summary of your nutritional status.
    • issues that may need screening by a medical professional.
    • where to find free or private nutrition advice in your local area.
    • advice in how your diet could be improved.
    • answers to diet & nutrition questions that you may have.





  • Everyone who pays for a nutrition check up will automatically be entered into a bimonthly prize draw* You will get the chance to win a £25 m&s or bannatyne spa voucher and 2 free remote nutrition consultations with me (worth £36*)!
  •  Couples who want to have a nutrition check up together only pay £17

*Please indicate in the email, if you would like to opt out. **Remote consultations (Phone or Google Hangouts) Any location: £18 per session.


Nutritional communications

I am an enthusiastic health/wellness/nutrition writer who loves to, follow current trends, bust nutrition myths, simplify complex scientific concepts and promote health.

Need nutrition content for your blog, website, newsletter, magazine or other communications piece? Let’s talk!Writing

For examples of my writing, click here.


  • £30 per piece


Recipe & menu development

IngredientsMy recipe and menu planning is authentic, flavorsome and economical. In addition I aim to make changes that are as simple and healthy as possible. Ultimately,  I develop in a way that suits a companies needs and budget. My services would include allergen and nutrition analysis .Sample.

Healthy eating bonanza-Want to improve your company’s healthy living through nutrition? I would be happy to help. Not only would this include recipe & menu development, but I would look at all the possible avenues of improvement that would promote a healthier environment.


  • For recipe & menu development alone:£80 (inc VAT)
  • Healthy eating bonanza: £150 (inc VAT)