With the new year almost approaching, I’m sure many are thinking about their ‪New Year resolutions.do-you-need-a-nutrition-checkup-12621262

With this in mind, “Feel Glorious Nutrition Consulting” is here to  help you reach your new nutrition goals by offering you the chance to have your own mini online nutrition check up for only £7.99! After a quick assessment by a qualified & registered nutritionist, you will be informed of your nutrition diagnosis, giving expert nutrition tips to improve your diet & be provided with a useful, exciting 3 day menu plan.

Please email me at gloriousnutrition@hotmail.com to receive your mini nutrition check up.


Sarah, Kent- “I’m so glad I got my nutrition check up for the new year. It helped to highlight the major areas of my diet that needed the most work”.

Andy, Hackney- ” The nutrition check up was a real eye opener for me and I would definitely recommend it”. I also found the 3 day menu a great push in the right direction, as I find it hard to eat healthily and be creative”.