For the love of water!

With water making up nearly two thirds of the body, water is by far the most important nutrient. There are so many benefits to drinking water. However, drinking enough water can be challenging. This is especially true if you do not like the taste.

Benefits of drinking water

  • Calorie control-Water helps people feel full and also substitute’s for otherwise higher calorie options.
  • Helps energize muscles-When muscles don’t have enough water, they get fatigued.
  • Clearer skin-Water flushes out toxins and reduces the risk of pimples.
  • Water boosts your energy-One of the most common symptoms of dehydration is tiredness. So drinking water should help to combat this.
  • Helps digestion-Water helps things move along the gastrointestinal tract. Drinking water should also help prevent constipation.

7 Tips to help you drink more water

  1. Look out for the benefits-Observe, as you go along, how drinking water is benefiting you. Do you feel more energised? Do you have clearer skin?
  2. Make yourself like drinking water-Do classical conditioning on yourself by associating drinking water with pleasant things. This could include remembering the benefits of water. Therefore, learning more about the benefits of drinking water for your health could be very useful.
  3. Make it a habit- Don’t try to drink your water requirements in the quickest amount of time. Moreover, don’t wait till you’re thirsty and/or dehydrated. Instead, drink regularly throughout the day until it becomes just something you do. Try to drink a glass of water when you wake up in the morning.
  4. Keep water near you-Having water within close proximity should make it more likely you will drink it because of the convenience. If you will be sitting for a long period of time, try to keep a glass or bottle of water near you.
  5. Try to bring a reusable water bottle with you when you are out and about. If you know you are going to be out and about for a long period of time, with the unlikelihood that you will have access to drinking water, bring at least two bottles with you. This will help you avoid becoming dehydrated and also having to spend money on bottled water.
  6. Make Aims- Write down anything that you specifically want out of drinking more water. For example, is it because you want to have clearer skin? Having an aim may make you more motivated to continue to drink more water.
  7. Alter the taste
    • Sparkling water-Trying sparkling water may be a good option if you find drinking plain water too boring. If you find it too fizzy or gassy, you could combine half plain, half sparkling water.
    • Infuse with fruit-For e.g. add a slice of lemon and lime, strawberries, cucumber etc
    • Add some no-added sugar or reduced sugar squash or fruit juice for flavour.
    • Add some artificial sweetener.
    • Add a few drops of rose water.
    • Add a herbal tea bag such as green or fruit tea.
    • Add herbs for flavouring such as mint or crushed basil leaves.
    • Make ice cubes- can be made using no-added sugar or reduced sugar squash or fruit juice or freeze clementine slices.





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