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Hi, I’m Michelle. I would describe myself as someone who is an avid
foodie, who likes to create new recipes and also learn about and keep up to date with the world of nutrition. My passion and knowledge for food were strengthened when I decided to study nutrition at King’s College London. Now, I am a qualified nutritionist who is on the UK voluntary register of registered nutritionists (UKVRN).

I decided to start this food and nutrition blog because I take pleasure in sharing knowledge and sparking intellectual discussions. I also wanted to share with others, that for ultimate health and well being, we need to feed our mind, body and spirit with good things.

I hope you will find this blog useful! Bon appetite!

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Disclosure policy: This is my personal blog and is for information purposes only. Thus any advice provided by this blog should not replace advice provided by your health professional (doctor, nurse etc).  The information may also not always be up to date.

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